• Join it Green Quadro Tip (20x)

    SKU: MT824-100
    Price: $25.49
    Introducing our square-shaped mixing elements, the ultimate solution for minimizing adhesive waste and achieving precise dispensing. Specifically designed for use with all Non Integra 250ml 10:1 cartridges, these mixing elements ensure optimal performance and accurate distribution of adhesive materials. By incorporating this innovative design into your dispensing process, you can significantly reduce any unnecessary product wastage, ultimately saving you time and money. Trust our square-shaped mixing elements to deliver precise and efficient dispensing, enhancing your workflow and maximizing the value of your adhesive cartridges.
    • Square shaped mixing elements
    • Reduces wasted adhesive
    • Use on all Non Integra 250ml 10:1 cartridges
    • Accurate dispensing
  • All Steel Pro-Grade 10-1 Dispenser- Blue

    SKU: MG202
    Price: $93.75
    When it comes to 10-1 dispenser guns, the market is flooded with various options, but unfortunately, most of them come with exorbitant price tags. However, at West Coast Adhesives Ltd, we believe that you shouldn't have to pay an exorbitant amount for a high-quality all-steel dispensing gun. Our priority is your satisfaction, and we value your trust in our services. Rest assured, our prices are significantly lower than what you might expect, saving you from the burden of paying an arm and a leg for a reliable and top-notch dispenser gun.
    *The Gun is not compatable with Integra
    • Side Loading Cartridge Placement
    • Use for all 250ml 10-1 Cartridges
    • Great for High Viscosity Materials
    • No drip feature