• Carbon Steel Razor Blades

    SKU: RZR001
    Price: $4.99

    If you're in search of carbon ceramic blades, your search ends here. We proudly present a remarkable deal that you won't find anywhere else: a 100-piece per box of carbon ceramic blades. This exceptional offer not only ensures that you have an abundant supply at your disposal but also provides unbeatable value for your investment. Look no further and seize this opportunity to equip yourself with high-quality carbon ceramic blades in a quantity that is truly unmatched in the market.

    100 Pcs Carbon steel razor blades

  • Ceramic Blade Holder

    SKU: RZR002
    Price: $1.71

    Put an end to the discomfort of jammed fingers by utilizing our ceramic blades holder. With our affordable pricing, you can easily purchase multiple holders without the fear of misplacing them. By investing in our ceramic blades holder, you can ensure a safe and secure grip while working, providing both convenience and peace of mind. Say goodbye to finger injuries and the hassle of constantly searching for your holder, as our cost-effective solution offers you the freedom to focus on your tasks without unnecessary concerns.

    Never scrape glue again without this plastic blade holder!