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Westcoast Adhesives

WCA Premium Frost Silicone Sealant

WCA Premium Frost Silicone Sealant

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Introducing our enhanced flagship formula, designed to significantly extend the lifespan of our product for both interior and exterior applications. As the name suggests, our premium line of Silicone truly lives up to its reputation. We utilize the highest-grade silica available to craft this exceptional lineup. While it carries the premium name, rest assured that it is not just a name—our product embodies premium quality with an unbeatable price point. We have incorporated additional properties for superior anti-mildew and mold prevention, along with RTV fast curing capabilities. Moreover, our high viscosity is complemented by a special ingredient that ensures suitability for all weather conditions.

For your esteemed customers or outdoor projects, we highly recommend our premium lineup. It delivers the utmost performance and durability.

Furthermore, we have included an industry-standard removable nozzle, allowing you to reuse the cartridge and minimize waste. Say goodbye to cartridges without removable nozzles; your employees and your wallet will appreciate this thoughtful feature.

Choose our premium Silicone line to experience excellence in every aspect, from quality and versatility to cost-effectiveness and sustainability.


LEED/VOC Certified

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